Membership Agreements

Couples counsellor LondonWelcome to the joining page for The Relationship Counselling Directory


Joining Criteria

  1. You have a relationship counselling qualification where you have trained to work with couples or you have completed EFT externship and EFT core skills training.
  2. You are insured, follow a code of ethics and attend regular supervision.
  3. You are joining as an individual/couple. This site doesn't provide profiles for groups or organisations.


You agree to the following  terms and conditions . Click the  link to see them in full. Here is a summary:

  1. You agree to sse this site solely to promote relationship counselling to couples and individuals and for no other services.
  2. You agree to complete a profile prior to publishing including a  portrait photo, qualifications, fees/ session length, postcode and details of your approach.
  3. You agree to be contacted by potiential clients via an email form and to provide timely responses to their requests for information.


The fee is £45 a year if you set up a standing order, the year period starting from when you join.  If you pay by other methods the fee is £60. I will send you standing order setup details once your profile is live.


The Joining Process

  1. Fill in the pre-qualifying details below.
  2. I will check that you have completed a couples training and then send you an email detailing how to fill in your profile.The profile includes your photo, summary info , contact details, fees, practice locations and space for further details.


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